I’ve Been Fired Unfairly – What Can I Do?

Australian employment laws are quite strict, and they provide a strong level of protection against unfair dismissal. If you’ve been fired or otherwise let go from your job without good reason, you may be eligible to make an unfair dismissal claim against your former employer.

In successful cases, these can result in significant monetary payouts, so it’s worth pursuing if you feel you’ve been wronged. There are a few different options available to Australians who are the victim of unfair dismissal, and we’ve covered these in the rest of this article.

What Is Meant By Unfair Dismissal?

Before we go any further, let’s have a quick look at exactly what unfair dismissal is. In short, it’s whenever your employer terminates your employment in an unreasonable or unfair manner. For example:

  • Being fired without reason or notification.
  • Being fired for something unrelated to your job, such as a personal issue.
  • Being fired for a performance-related issue without being given reasonable opportunity to address the issues.

If you’re a victim of an unfair dismissal, you will be able to make a claim or pursue further legal action.

What Do I Do if I’ve Been Unfairly Dismissed?

If you feel like you’ve been unfairly dismissed, you can make a claim to the Fair Work Commission, as long as a few conditions are met: