10 Steps For Law Firms Who Wish To Add Video To Their Digital Marketing Campaigns

10 Steps For Law Firms Who Wish To Add Video To Their Digital Marketing Campaigns

Anyone who has spent time online recently must have noticed that videos appear everywhere, and that is why so many businesses include video as part of their digital marketing. That is also true for law firms, so if your law firm is not yet using video for online marketing purposes, then it needs to start doing so soon.

You can be sure that many of your local competitors are using video, and that it will be boosting their efforts to gain authority, trust, and new clients. Every new client local competitors gain is one you have likely lost forever.

Now that you know the importance of online video to your law firm, below we have outlined ten steps to including and optimising videos within your digital marketing campaigns.

Research What Your Competitors Are Doing: You are not going to steal their video content and use it as your own, but, instead, research competitors who have had success with videos and seek to emulate their best practices.

Create A YouTube Channel: This is essential if you are going to have any impact online with your videos. YouTube channels are free and relatively simple to set up. Having a YouTube channel is also an excellent opportunity to bolster your branding.

Determine Your Target Audience: Logic states if you are targeting a local client base then your video should relate to local matters. Also, if you practice law within a legal niche then you want to take that into account when determining your audience demographics.

Plan Your Video Content: TV and movie executives research what audiences want first and then create those shows or movies. Likewise, you want to determine what sort of videos those seeking lawyers or who are interested in legal matters would want to view.

Create And Publish Your Videos: You know your audience and what subjects they want,  so now it is time to make those videos. There are many ways this can be done. You can also make them in batches and individually schedule their publication.

Ensure You Promote The Sharing Of Your Video: A key element you must include in every video is promoting their sharing. The more people who view your video, the greater attention your channel will receive, and this can boost the rankings of subsequent videos.

Analyse Your Videos’ Performances And Make Necessary Optimisations In Subsequent Videos: YouTube provides excellent data relating to how videos perform. With this, you assess what videos work well and which do not so that future videos are improved and more likely to succeed.

Optimise Your YouTube Channel To Attract More Subscribers: You want to gain as many subscribers to your YouTube channel as possible and thus every aspect of your channel and the videos therein must be optimised. This includes keywords, video length, channel imagery, and video titles, for example.

Evaluate How You Can Repurpose Your Video Content: A great facet of video content is that it can be repurposed in many ways. The script text can be made into a report, the images into an infographic, the audio into a podcast, and you can also embed the video as a blog post.

If It All Seems Too Much, Seek Help From A Digital Marketing Agency: Just as you are a law expert, a digital marketing agency has expertise in video marketing, so if your budget allows, the best practice would be to hire them to create and optimise your videos.